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BitcoinFi starts here

We're navigating through an odd era where monetary policy overshadows common sense.

It's unnatural to offer zero or even negative interest rates, essentially taxing those who contribute financially to the economy.

Colend reinvigorates a healthy dynamic as the gateway through which users engage with this new financial system.

Our goal is to deliver a comprehensive product experience that maintains the advantages of decentralization: non-custodial, transparent, trustless, and resilient.


Provide liquidity, gather more assets


Unlock funds against your collateral


Each Supply & Borrow market provides rewards emissions directly to the users.

Alpha Collection


Alpha NFTs signify a pivotal contribution acknowledged by the protocol.

Limited to 3,000 units, these assets are the cornerstone of Colend's launch. As a token of appreciation, holders will unlock exclusive rewards for their invaluable support.



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